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To returning clients (those who have met before with me, Dennis Tucker, LCSW), I offer a 'Wellness Check' in a 45 minute session designed to review 15 wellness check points. These check points are areas in your daily life which I find give strong outward evidences to your inward struggles and unheard needs. Think of a 'Wellness Check' like an annual 'check up' with a family doctor who listens to your heart and checks out your vitals. Such a regular check up can help catch problem areas before then turn into 'big crashes'. 

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At the end of the Wellness Check, I will give you feedback on my findings, including recommendations for counseling (if any) or other interventions which may benefit you. 

If you decide to continue with Counseling, then two things will happen:

  • I will prepare you a 'Wellness Check Report', based on my findings in the session; and, 
  • You determine your fees for the next and following sessions based on guidelines of: income, family size, and financial control.

The counseling fees range from $130 to $60 a session; however, I do provide additional discounts.