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Sometimes one page just isn't enough! Come to this page for new additions and offerings in my eBook and audio book world.

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How I Manage Stress (and Other Negative Emotions like Fear and Anger) (58 pg. PDF book plus a 58 minute Audio book) discusses the concept of 'self soothing', which not everyone knows how to do. As a result, there is a rampant search by the masses to find relief. Sometimes the quest for relief involves substance use, illegal and otherwise. Sometimes it involves other external dependencies which result in hollow pursuits that really can't satisfy.To aid in resolving this wheel spinning pursuit, in this book I review my method for dealing with stress, fear, and even anger. It is an 'internal-comfort' method that has worked exceptionally well for me. I now share it with you. 

PDF Book $2.20

The Realized Self (59 pg. PDF book or a 1 hour and 53 minute audio book) discusses linking the concepts of perfection and self-realization and directly addresses how it can and, ultimately, must be attained in order to escape the prison cell which otherwise the confused and twisted world entraps us in. Unless we escape that world we cannot be truly happy and we will be lost, directionless and worst of all, spinning our wheels in dramatic effort which essentially gets us no where at all - nowhere, that is except tired, exhausted, beaten down, and at last keenly aware that we no longer want participation in such meaningless toil. 

PDF plus Audio Book $10.90